IMNS World Pricing

Access level:

All gsm/wcdma/lte network access

Upfront Sim Cost

$2.50 USD

(includes first month)

Monthly Sim Fee

$0.50 USD

(includes 1 MB data)

Pay as you go, Per MB

$0.50 USD

Aggregated Bundles:

3 MB

$2.50 USD

5 MB

$2.50 USD

10 MB

$2.50 USD

Discount Volumes:







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The flexibility of IMNS sim technology allows the creation of any number of service profiles giving you the client, total control over your profiling. You can set up as many CSP profiles as you wish and transfer sims between these at any time to optimise your data connectivity whilst minimising your data costs.

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M2M Data Services Limited is a global solution provider with personnel in all major geographic regions to service your needs.

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Chile, Santiago and Antofagasta
UK, London and York
Spain, Barcelona
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China, Dalian and Shenzhen
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